Draft Interim Policy Statement for Housing Development

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Draft Interim Policy Statement for Housing Development

Interim Policy Statement for Housing Development

Representation ID: 3649

Received: 01/07/2020

Respondent: The Bosham Association


6.1.1: include words 'in accessible and safe locations'.
6.2.2: settlement hierarchy must take account of declaration of climate change emergency
6.2.3: ribbon development along A259 compromised identity of villages
6.2,4 support increase in density on brownfield land, small developments close to village centres, or small units for young people/elderly, not on greenfield sites.
6.2.6 wildlife corridors need to be bigger
6.2.7 infrastructure should be provided before development and should include flood defence to last lifetime of development
6.2.8 standards are too low
6.2.9 support this but recent development is very pattern book
6.2.11 flood risk assessment informed by most recent Environment Agency data

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