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Habitats Regulations Assessment - Preferred Approach

Habitats Regulation Assessment

Representation ID: 2583

Received: 07/02/2019

Respondent: Natural England

Representation Summary:

NE concurs with the findings of HRA in that the Local Plan Review is likely to have significant effects on European sites through the following pathways for impact: water
quality, recreational disturbance, urbanisation, loss of supporting habitat (functionally linked land),coastal squeeze and air quality. Would add that there is potentially a pathway for water resources impacts in the north of the District. We agree that the sites identified in section 4.5 are those at risk of likely significant effects.
We also agree that policy mitigation measures are available to address the identified impacts,and that some amendments to policy wording is necessary to be able to conclude no adverse effect on integrity of European sites.
We welcome the commitment to further work on air quality impacts.

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